Energy Programme

A special one-week BMI, Europe - Tulane University, North America programme focusing on energy markets, energy policy, and energy management. 
This programme is for managers from around the world who work in, or have an interest in, the development of world energy markets.  Participants include energy industry executives from Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, Mexico, US, the Middle East. 
The programme curriculum is intended to provide an overview of the current state (economics, technology, and politics) of world oil and gas markets, the US executive perspective on these markets, trends in renewable alternative sources of energy, and the regulation of energy markets. The programme also includes “hands on” experience for the participants with visits to petrochemical plants in Texas.
The programme begins in Houston, Texas and concludes in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Programme Topics:

Definition of Sectors

- Energy Market sectors and subsectors

Floating Production Systems

- A forecast of future growth in this subsector


- The role that the North American pipeline grid plays

International Geopolitics, Europe, China, Brazil, India & Russia

- Status and Impact of economic growth in the BRIC countries

The Shale Oil and Gas Revolution

- Relative advantages and disadvantages

The Macondo Spill and Environmental Issues

- Impact of this and others accidents

Selling New Technology Role for Private Equity Markers

- A private equity firm in the energy market

Global Impact of Carbon

- Efforts to curtain the increase in carbon emissions

World Oil and Gas Markets/Regulation and LNG

- Status of the worldwide LNG market

Gasification and Liquefaction Technology

- The use of advanced gasifiers in reducing pollution

Electric Power Market Economics

- Fundamental trading mechanics for power

Locational Marginal Pricing in Electricity Markets

- Demand and supply drivers of temporal price differences

Status of Renewable Energy in US Energy Markets


Electric Power Dispatch

- Illustration of the decision making necessary in real time through power trading simulator

Power Market Regulation

- The role of the regional ISO (Independent System Operators)

Modeling Proved Reserves

- The ability to estimate the total reserves present in a field in invaluable when planning & financing discovery wells

Strategic Issues Facing Energy Market Participants

- Major issues facing international & domestic Oil and Gas development, both onshore and offshore



Houston and New Orleans

 Language:   English
 Contact person:   Jaunius Pusvaškis +370 5 2487245,