In-Company Programmes

Custom management development and trainings

BMI delivers world-class customised training solutions that empower companies and executives to achieve their objectives more quickly and more fully.

  Designed for you:   BMI will work with you to design a programme for your specific business objectives, whether that be preparing future executives, renewing your strategy, managing a change, overcoming an obstacle to growth, raising functional competencies or thanking customers with value-adding events.  
  Top educators:   We draw on BMI’s global network of 60 + top management educators and facilitators to find just the right trainer for your organization and goals.  
  Practical value:   In-company trainings can start deep transformations. They're a chance to build a shared vision, refine management styles, rethink business practices, bolster core competencies and strengthen internal peer networks.  
  Flexible format:   From short sessions for developing a skill or updating know-how, to longer programmes and coaching for personal development or periodic trainings for progressive learning over time. Venues can be your facilities, ours or any place in the world that fits your needs.  
  Proven results:   Over more than a decade, BMI has successfully delivered custom programmes on the full spectrum of hard and soft management fields and trained more than 3000 executives worldwide.  

For more details, or to discuss your specific needs, contact:

Director General
Tel: +370 5 248 7245