Innovation & Industrie 4.0

This exclusive BMI programme in Frankfurt is designed to equip the executives with the cutting edge knowledge on recent industrial developments impacted by the emergence of artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics and related transformations in the corporate life. Lectures are combined with the visits to “smart factories” who have already applied principles of the 4th industrial revolution allowing participants to take a closer look at “Industrie 4.0” first-hand.
The concept: Industrie 4.0 is a new age of production and services managed by self-sustaining intelligent networks. It is revolutionizing competition and employment, much as previous technological revolutions did over the past 200 years. Originating in a high-tech strategy of the German government, the term was first used at the Hannover Fair in 2011 and was in focus at Davos World Economic Forum 2016.
The format: Lectures, visits to ‘smart factories’ and meetings with industry leaders.
The timing: The next edition of this unique BMI programme will take place in June, 2018.

For any additional information you may need, please contact Anžela,, +370 5 248 72 46 or Jurgita:, +370 5 248 72 54

Participants about the programme: