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Description: The course intends to give managers strong conceptual and operational knowledge to analyse dynamic environments as well as internal change readiness in order to plan and execute change interventions to perfectly align their companies to the needs of external environments. Using tools which have been proven in practice as well as case applications managers will learn to plan and implement change interventions and business transformations. Particular attention will be given to change leadership and management of resistance in order to be able to successfully lead a strategic transformation.

After the seminar you will be able to:

  • Analyse dynamic environments in different industrial contexts
  • Evaluate the level of change readiness of an organization and identify gaps in organizational responsiveness
  • Plan and manage a strategic transformation
  • Identify and manage resistance to change
  • Develop skills to manage sudden issues affecting the organization
  • Lead an organization through a crisis

2 days seminar will be focused on:

  • Conducting a Turbulence Analysis to asses external market dynamic. This proven technique will allow managers to assess environmental dynamic of different industries including their own.
  • Assessing Change Readiness of an Organisation. Participants will use tools to identify the change readiness of the respective organization. Using results from the Turbulence Analysis participants will be able to identify needs for change and transformation in order to align the organization to the dynamic needs of the external environment.
  • Current Models for Organisational Transformation and Implementation Guidelines. Different Models of Change Interventions will be discussed and applied to real business cases.
  • Introduction to Real Time Response Systems:
    • Issue Management: Managing issues outside of a strategic planning cycle
    • Weak Signal Management: Identifying signals relevant for the organization in turbulent and volatile markets and response planning
    • Crisis Management: Challenges and operational guidelines



April 26-27, 2018

Venue:   BMI Executive Hall, Konstitucijos ave. 7, Vilnius
Language:   English
Participation fee:   1500 EUR

Early bird fee: (if paid by March 29, 2018)

  1300 EUR 

There is special BMI Alumni tuition fee:

  1400 EUR

BMI Alumni early bird fee: (if paid by March 29, 2018)

  1200 EUR
The number of participants:   Limited
Registration at: or
Contact persons:  

Jurgita +370 5 248 7254, +370 680 96915, or Anžela +370 5 2487246, +370 602 05633,


Jan Freidank2x3-3a6f866afa64ec0efcdf091cdd6df38c.jpg
  • Professor of Marketing and International Management at THM, Germany
  • Program director for the Executive MBA program at THM, Germany
  • Guest lecturer at Bergamo University, Italy
  • Seven years of professional experience with KarstadtQuelle AG as internal consultant charged with marketing and strategy projects, co-ordinator of synergy projects in the merger between Karstadt and Quelle, Head of the Business Development Department
  • Last position: project leader of the integration project between Vaillant GmbH and Hepworth plc. – the biggest European merger in the heating appliances sector so far
  • Ongoing consultancies and sponsored research: selected projects with companies including Eli Lilly, ARDEX, Deutsche Börse AG (German Stock Exchange), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e.V. (DGQ) (German Quality Association), DAIMLER AG