Helmuts LINDE
Head of Digital Implementation/Global Function, Philip Morris International, Switzerland
BMI EMBA 2011/2013

"BMI really stands out for the level of both its educators and participants. Classes, projects, cases and company visits, also in Shanghai, broaden your understanding of doing business with new practical insights and experiences. Our company now has executives in several countries who have completed this EMBA and continues sending people regularly."

Director, Board of Directors, SatiMed, Lithuania
BMI EMBA 1999/2000

"Giving the growth and maturity of different markets, Executive MBA pragramme at BMI is the absolute must for the contemporary manager. It is the perfect place where you can merge your past experience with excellent quality theoretical and practical studies, which leads to managerial competence. It also provides excellent networking possibilites, and afterwards students can join the well established BMI Alumni Association. It is probably the best investment i‘ve made so far."

CEO, Birchstream ApS, Denmark
BMI EMBA 1999/2000

"I can say that the EMBA programme exceeded my expectations. The professors from the Partner Schools conducted their presentations at a very high level and provided me with many useful tools for dealing with management issues in my own company. Among my fellow students I have had many networking opportunities. I am very satisfied with the programme."

Alexander CHEKAN
CEO, Tut.by Media, Belarus
BMI EMBA 2011/2013

"I wanted an excellent international business education, and for me finding BMI was like discovering a treasure in my backyard. It‘s a very strong programme, with an ideal structure for people coming from different countries."

Asia Caucasus Cluster Head, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Kazakhstan
BMI EMBA 2015/2017

"My decision to study at BMI International EMBA was determined by having next door the consortium schools standing out internationally as leaders in executive education. The BMI faculty insights trigger ideas that help discover new business opportunities. It is also a great opportunity to network with decision makers from the US, Russia, China, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus."

Head of Corporate Internal Audit/Internal Control, Grundfos Holding, Switzerland
BMI EMBA 2005/2007

"Going through the BMI Executive MBA means getting new ideas and new energy, building up a momentum that keeps you moving forward long after studies, and links you with an impressive international family of alumni."

Palle Gravesen JENSEN
Owner & CEO, Libra Cable Technologies, USA
BMI EMBA 2010/2012

"The BMI EMBA is for sure an eye-opener, giving you an appetite for even more challenges in business as well as at the level of personal development. It’s a great way to refresh yourself and your professional toolbox."

Vice President, Head of Securities Services, Nasdaq, Lithuania
BMI EMBA 2007/2009

"As someone from the finance industry, I’d say the EMBA finance stage was brilliant. Though, when you have some general management experience, you realize that absolutely everything in the programme is relevant to your work: people management, marketing, and so on. That’s what strikes me most - the relevance to the real world. It’s not abstract academic theories."

Business Unit Director, Vilnius, Technopolis, Lithuania
BMI EMBA 2007/2009

"I came to BMI to get more knowledge and a systematic view of what I already knew. I found professors with practical business experience and classmates who are top-level managers from the most varied fields. Such an environment constantly sparks new ideas and broadens your horizon. In short, BMI has given me a chance to ‘reboot’ and ‘upgrade’ my system of personal and professional competencies, with benefits both for me and for my company."

HR Head/Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark Cluster HR Lead, Telia, Lithuania
BMI EMBA 2000/2002

"If you are looking for an EMBA, BMI is a great offer. Professors from well known business schools, diverse students from leading companies and a unique curriculum - this is a strong blend. As an HR professional, I have seen graduates delivering back to their companies and at the same time building their careers. That is a win-win situation for both!"

Member of the Supervisory Board, UAB Zemes ukio paskolu garantiju fondas, Lithuania
BMI EMBA 2009/2011

"There is nothing more powerful than knowledge, knowledge of what things exist, what they mean and where to find more information. But when knowledge really creates value is when you know how to apply it in real life, to your company and your career. That is what BMI teaches, and that is why I chose BMI!" 

Virgilijus PODERYS
Member of the Seimas (the Parlament), the Seimas (the Parlament) of Lithuania, Lithuania
BMI EMBA 1999/2000

"The outstanding feature of BMI’s EMBA Programme is the excellent combination of high-level academics and practical expertise in business. As a graduate, I find that this combination provides me with a clear advantage over students in other similar courses."

CEO, LL investicijos, Lithuania
BMI EMBA 2010/2012

„At some point I realized that my accumulated corporate governance and business knowledge needed to be deepened and clearly structured – structured in such a way that I could better process new information and integrate new ideas into decision making at the board level. BMI has helped me do that.“

CFO, SEB Bank, Lithuania
BMI EMBA 2004/2006

"The BMI Executive MBA program was very rewarding. Top professors from leading European Business Schools help you to develop your personal skills and knowledge, which is crucial in getting competitive advantage in your business. Your classmates add diversity of business knowledge and give the opportunity of learning from one another. By putting all together you are getting the powerful engine to drive into challenging business world. Good luck!!!"

COO, Biotechpharma, Lithuania
BMI EMBA 2003/2005

"BMI offers a rigorous MBA curriculum taught in a real world environment by world-class professors. That coupled with a cohort of truly amazing classmates coming from a wide variety of backgrounds results in an education taking your career to the next level." 

VP Commercial Strategy & Deployment, Philip Morris International, Switzerland
BMI EMBA 2002/2004

"I found the BMI learning experience to be value-adding at an early stage of my career. The faculty, attuned to recent international business dynamics, managed to generate insightful classroom discussion about up-to-date case studies."