Academic Council

The International Academic Council sets BMI's academic standards, supervises the curriculum design and the choice of teaching methodology. The Council's role is to guarantee that the quality of the programme meets the highest international standards. The Council is composed of senior representatives from the consortium of leading European business schools that work in partnership with BMI.

Academic Council

1464271512_0_Rolf_Jens_Brunstad_BMI-7be54a36e60f3a6c57a37b09ffce18a2.jpg Rolf Jens BRUNSTAD
NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Norway

1549622645_0_Veronique_Malleret-9da6e811538a20f1c7cb7ffa62bc73f3.jpg Véronique MALLERET
HEC Paris, France

1549622410_0_Kulwant_Singh_(4)-0411fea55c7c545dd44a4f8341799c79.jpg Kulwant SINGH
NUS Business School, Singapore

1549621840_0_DUMONT2-b2c105a69ce3cfa5f0eb63aaff8bcbe4.jpg Alain DUMONT
Tulane University, US and HEC Paris, France

1464877338_0_Kristina_Levisauskaite_BMI-de80d8aa82333866d8bb75144852231f.jpg Kristina LEVIŠAUSKAITĖ
Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

1464169569_0_Semal_Pierre_BMI-9bdd9c12dc7bfc49faf25e03e202da18.JPG Pierre SEMAL
Louvain School of Management, Belgium

1550224754_0_Arun_Pereira_-7af32b45b24c067cb700b787ed1bac6b.jpg Arun PEREIRA
Asia School of Business, Malaysia and MIT Sloan School of Management, US

1550224612_0_Jonas_Irzikevicius-7712a297d664dd742ddc918755ea2038.jpg Jonas IRŽIKEVIČIUS
SEB bank, Baltic States