Act before you are hacked:
how to make your business cyber-resilient?

When? 30 November 2022
What time? 12 CET I 13 EET
Where? Zoom platform

That cyber-attacks are only a concern for “big fish”, or government organizations is a myth — one that’s best left behind in 2022. Whether as direct targets or collateral damage, acts of cyber-attacks can have negative impacts on both citizens and private businesses for one reason: they’re designed to.

Register for the “Act before you get hacked: how to make your business cyber-resilient?” webinar on November 30th at 13.00 EET I 12.00 CET online (via Zoom).

Learn how C-suite technology leaders from Nord Security are adapting their cybersecurity measures that you can apply to your business today:

  • Assess your company’s cyber hygiene to strategize your next steps to improving cybersecurity
  • Build true cyber resilience across your entire workforce and be ahead of the advanced hacker strategies
  • Prepare your business continuity plan to be able to maintain your business operations when a crisis arises

Register for the webinar today and join Ieva Soblickaite, CPO, NordPass and Tomas Smalakys, CTO, NordLocker/NordPass to modernize your business risk management strategy

About Ieva Soblickaitė:

Ieva is a founder-minded Product executive with 10+ years of experience with e-commerce, marketplace and SaaS products in both, B2C and B2B. The industries she worked in include healthcare, hospitality, digital print and, most recently, cybersecurity.

Beyond Product topics, Ieva has a keen interest in how small and large organizations tick: how work is organized to maximize the value to all stakeholders while giving the most satisfaction to teams and individuals. Ieva strives to create an environment in which people collaborate effortlessly, with clear ownership and high level of personal responsibility.

Tomas Smalakys:

Tomas Smakalys leads the NordLocker and NordPass Engineering teams that work on building a secure end-to-end encrypted cloud storage solution and an intuitive password manager for business and individuals alike.

A software engineer and a cybersecurity enthusiast, Tomas lives and breathes new technologies, always on a lookout for the next big thing. What got him excited about software engineering and cybersecurity were the 90’s hacker-themed movies — the eerie atmosphere and the cool and somewhat mysterious portrayal of technology and the way that it was handled.

For the last decade and a half, Tomas has been building software for web, desktop, mobile, and everything in between. Over time the experience piled up and he shifted towards leading teams on large scale projects.

Special gifts for participants

All participants will be pleasantly surprised! NordPass or your digital life manager will be gifted by our event partner Nord Security. Forget about old school ways to remember your sensitive information, including passwords. Use NordPass and manage passwords, credit cards, and personal information in a single secure place! More detailed information will be provided together with the present itself. It is a great chance to start your own more cyber-resilient journey! 

Registration is open until 29 November.

For more information about the event, please contact Lucas Van Rey:, +32 470 91 59 34

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