Loyalty in Turbulent times. How to engage with talent to earn their loyalty?

When? 8 September 2021
What time? 17.00–18.30
Where? BMI Vilnius, Konstitucijos pr. 7

One of the hottest business topics in Lithuania nowadays is not the summer holidays, but how to engage your employees. Can companies still expect loyalty from their employees or it’s already an outdated notion? 

As all channels are flooded with job ads with hundreds of positions companies are looking to fill, these topics are at the top of CEOs and HR agenda. 

What are employees looking for when joining or already working at the company? What are their expectations of a leader? What is the role of the leader himself in terms team engagement? What approach should he take when looking to reduce employee turnover?

We’ll be looking at this issue from several perspectives – the leader and the generation Z, which is taking the job market by storm, to try finding a common ground where loyalty is still a thing. Join us for the event and networking session, where we’ll try to find answers to this question worth a million. 


Role of leadership. What is the employer’s loyalty to employees? | Aad JCM van Vliet, Founding Partner and Global Lead, Avvartes

Talent expectations – what are they looking for? | Toma Matutytė, CEO Lithuania, W1tty 

Panel discussion | How can companies respond to talent expectations to earn their loyalty?


Aad JCM van Vliet, Founding Partner and Global Lead, Avvartes

Toma Matutytė, CEO Lithuania, W1tty

Aliona Viršutienė, Director of Engineering, Vinted / Kleiderkreisel

Moderator – Diana Česonytė, BMI Executive Institute

Registration open until 7 September.  

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