BMI Executive Institute stands with Ukraine

Dear members of the BMI community,

Amid the tragic events in Ukraine in recent days, we wish to express our support for the country and its people and to condemn the senseless and lawless war.

Inspired by values of human rights, democracy and responsible leadership, we at BMI Executive Institute feel that, like the international community, we should make our own voices heard to promote peace as a necessary condition for a prosperous, sustainable and inclusive world.

In the current context, it would be impossible and inappropriate to continue international study exchanges or other forms of partnership with Russian educational institutions. We have therefore suspended ties and activities with our academic partners in Russia.

We hope and encourage our friends and colleagues in Russia, many of whom are also shocked and horrified by their current government’s irresponsible actions in and around Ukraine, to help promote peace.

BMI is very proud of its local and international community for their actions to support the people of Ukraine. We urge you – do not stop. Please reach out to us if BMI Executive Institute can help facilitate ongoing and new support initiatives.

BMI Board and Management

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