Field Seminar – important part of the EMBA programme that offers our participants a unique opportunity to learn in a variety of different formats

Fintech & Biotech Startup Ecosystem Field Seminar in Vilnius

For the second year in a row our Institute has organized this seminar for the EMBA participants from Vilnius and Brussels with an agenda full of practical activities. The main aim is to provide a strong practical experience for the attendees that is useful for growing new ventures and empowering their entrepreneurial mindset.
One of the parts during this 3 day seminar was a content session delivered by Dr. Jan Brinckmann from Esade. Based on examples, success and failure stories, he introduced evaluation of business opportunities, unicorn creation dynamics and various financing sources.
The fintech area was explored in an engaging format while participating at the BankingLab birthday networking event. Different speakers, including our visiting lecturer Jan Brinckamann, shared insights about the metaverse, investment trends and told the growth stories of specific fintech companies. Big thank you to Narimantas Bloznelis and Danatas Cerjazdanovas for having us!
Students also had an exclusive opportunity to explore the biotech field by visiting the Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science with a mission to enable their customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We‘ve learned about the recent challenges and opportunities in the biotech sector as well as visited the newest production building named after Professor Andrzej Śniadecki, which was built in 4,5 months during Covid pandemic. Thank you again for having us Egidijus JaseliūnasLinas PupelisArtiomas AkatovGiedre Rutkauskaite. Also, a sincere thank you to the guest speaker, CEO Monika Paule, PhD, who shared the success story of Caszyme gene editing startup, applying CRISPR based Molecular Tools.

Dynamic analysis of the European Union, its institutions and policies directly from Brussels

Doing Business in the European Union – Field Seminar dedicated to our EMBA students that took place in Brussels. This 3-day programme provided our participants an overview of the European Union’s situation:
– Enabled students to understand how EU policies shape market rules and affect business strategies
– Deepened the knowledge about the role and the prospects of the EU in the global economy
– Grasped the goals, the functioning and the impact of the main EU policies on business and markets.

Participants from both Vilnius and Brussels tracks had a chance to learn in different formats, such as interactive crash courses with examples and Q&A, a role-playing game based on a case study on current EU affairs and even the visit of the European district!

A great combination of academic and practical insights, engaging networking and professionals with an outstanding experience in EU affairs made this Field Seminar a memorable and beneficial stop in the EMBA journey.

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