Multiple Roles – Multiple Sources of Resilience

When? 23 August 2023
What time? 12.15 CEST I 13.15 EEST
Where? Zoom
  • Stressful impact of different roles women have.
  • What makes women so hard on themselves?
  • What will empower and inspire women to have resilience, positive relationships, and flourishing results?

Women take on various roles and responsibility at work and in life, and each role comes with its stressors, challenges, and setbacks.  What if you are a working mother and your child is having a meltdown?  What if you are on a family vacation and your client is facing a crisis?  What if you are trying to find some time to exercise or just relax, and everyone wants your attention?

Wendy Chua – entrepreneur, team leader, global consultant, mother, wife and daughter – uses her psychological tools to stay resilient in the midst of all chaos.

In this webinar, Wendy Chua-Sullivan, an experienced coach for personal transformation and leadership from Singapore and a partner at Avvartes, will share the stressors and changes women face and lead your reflection on what will empower you and inspire your resilience.  Join and learn important mental well-being resources for yourself too!

This webinar will give you a great touch of what our programme „Resilience-Based Leadership for Female Leaders“ is all about. So, if you are interested in improving yourself personally and professionally, join us online on August 23!

About Wendy Chua-Sullivan

Wendy Chua-Sullivan has over 20 years of experience as a coach and facilitator for personal transformation, applying research from psychology to help leaders and teams build resilience and achieve their goals despite challenges and setbacks.

Wendy’s approach to coaching high achievers to maximum performance was presented at the 2002 International Congress of Applied Psychology. Her WAND approach emphasizes: the use of relevant questions to facilitate awareness and ownership of goals; taking effective actions; acknowledgement; being neutral and non-judging; recognizing individual differences; and making a difference.

She has written 20 books based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and two books on developing resilience.

Registration is open until 22 August.

For more information about the event, please contact Diana Gedeikytė-Jakutienė:, +370 600 368 38

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