Jul. 04

Will an intelligent-robot team beat humans in football in 2050?

A group of Alumni and Executive Students from Germany, Baltics, Italy and India took part in the BMI „Innovation and Industry 4“ programme in Frankfurt, Germany. 35 programme participants visited „smart factories“ and companies that are about to blend virtual physical worlds to cyber-physical systems and merge technical aspects with the business processes, attended lectures addressing artificial intelligence and AI related business models, manufacturing execution systems, internet of things.

„We live in the most disruptive time for humankind. The coming years will bring convergence of the physical and the virtual world bringing – up new forms of human-machine interactions and new capabilities in business intelligence. The disruption will increase productivity by 50%, reduce maintenance cost by up to 40%, time to market cost by up to 50 %. It may change our daily landscape in a form that most of us can hardly imagine. IBM built „Deep Blue“ computer beat Garry Kasparov in chess in 1997. There is high probability to have AI (Artificial Intelligence) team beat humans in football in 2050“ BMI Director General Jaunius Pusvaškis said.

In 200 years humankind lived through 3 industrial/technological revolutions. We managed to utilise the power of water and steam, launch mass production, automate and digitalise the world. Now we are stepping into the age of self-sustaining intelligent network managed production and services, the age of „Industry 4“.

„Industry 4“ concept was originated in Germany in 2011, the country which holds global leadership in technological advancements. Industry 4 was the topic of discussion at Davos World Economic Forum early this year.

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