Oct. 21

Neuromarketing methods in e-commerce were focus of special BMI session

Executives gathered at BMI on October 19 for a “BMI Presents…” public lecture on how neuromarketing methods are being applied today in the world of digital commerce. The session was led by Linas Šiautkulis, a long-time marketing executive who has worked with major global brands. He is currently CEO of BPN LT and Chairman of the Board of the Lithuanian Marketing Association.

Neuromarketing applies the insights of neuroscience to consumers' responses to marketing stimuli. The field is being actively developed by behavioural economists and findings are being used heavily by leading e-commerce players, Šiautkulis noted.

He explained in detail how words, images and different ways of arranging them are used to appeal to basic triggers in the human brain – fight, flee, sex and food. Such experiences are framed in order to engage website visitors’ imagination and influence their purchasing behaviour.

“Everything is about raising the expected value and reward, lowering the expected pain in terms of what you have to pay for it, and making you fully assured about your decision,” Mr Šiautkulis said. “These are things you can’t ignore, since that’s how your brain works, but you can spot the triggers and choose whether to resist or not,” he added.

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