Dec. 05

Firms led by BMI students named in “Deloitte Technology Fast 50” report

Inventi UAB, the IT company led by current BMI EMBA participant Asta Meškerevičiūtė, has been included on Deloitte’s new list of the most dynamic technology companies in Central Europe. In addition, the smart device company Deeper UAB, where BMI EMBA student Vytautas Dobilas is the COO, won Deloitte’s special “Rising Stars” award.
The “Deloitte Technology Fast 50” report for 2016 ranks Inventi at #44 among the 50 fastest growing public or private technology companies. It ranks Deepar as #1 among 10 companies it identified as showing great potential but too new to meet the minimum of four years in operation criterion. The goal of the rankings is to draw attention to “vibrant and innovative young companies,” the report by the global audit and professional services leader says.
Asta Meškerevičiūtė of BMI EMBA cohort XVII, is the CEO of Inventi, which she co-founded in 2011. The software company enjoys special expertise in innovative integrations, cloud solutions and fintech solutions. Its revenue grew 367% in 2012-2015, the period examined by Deloitte.
“Customers value our competence, quality and how we use that to align innovative technology solutions with their business needs. Our vision is to become a global software development company,” Asta is quoted in the report as saying.
Deeper, meanwhile, aims to be a global market leader for consumer electronics with a special focus on sports and outdoor gear. Its first invention, a wireless castable sonar for fishing and other uses, has earned numerous international awards. The company’s growth pace, Deloitte notes, is 3631%!
“We’ve worked hard to build a dynamic international team at Deeper. Everyone brings their expertise and their own point of view, creating a working culture that’s open, playful and honest,” the report cites Vytautas Dobilas as saying. “This culture helps us to continue innovating, whether it’s improving and refining our existing products or creating completely new ones,” he added.

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