Feb. 01

BMI exposes student-executives to economies creating more than 75% of the global wealth

BMI EMBA and the new BMI Leadership & Decision Making Programme participants joined 106 executives from various parts of the USA as well as China, Colombia, France, Germany and Italy, for a unique module at Tulane University’s prestigious Freeman School of Business in New Orleans.
“The agreement BMI signed with Freeman Business School in 2015 has added the vibrancy of the world’s leading economy to our programmes for executives. BMI’s 8 global venues expose our EMBA student executives to economies that create more than 75% of the global wealth” Jaunius Pusvaškis, Director General of BMI said. “Diversity of locations allows executives develop new cross-cultural skills and a network of colleagues from all over the world, which is extremely valuable in today’s international business environment,” he added.
During this annual module in the USA, student-executives from BMI and other countries attended courses on “Leadership & Ethics” and “Managing People Internationally” and worked together on projects in multinational teams.
“I am very happy that we had an opportunity to freshen up our international outlook through the powerful partnership of BMI and Tulane University.
The key to being a successful executive is adaptability in the international business arena. We had a perfect opportunity to see things in a different way. We spent a week together interacting, mastering our leadership skills and, more importantly, learning about each other’s cultures.
The class brought together experienced, incredibly motivated managers, professionals and executives from around the world - US, Colombia, China, France, Germany, Italy and Lithuania.  It was a diverse and highly engaged group of individuals who are working at the very forefront of the rapidly changing world economy.
We have left New Orleans with a greater understanding of cross-cultural communication as well as a network of friend from all over the world, an invaluable asset in today’s business environment.” said Asta Meškerevičiūtė, CEO, Inventi UAB, one of the participants from BMI.

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