Apr. 10

BMI EMBA Class XVIII Initiation: BMI studies reduce the risk of brain capacity loss

The members of BMI Executive MBA Class XVIII formally joined the BMI family of business leaders this weekend at a “christening” party with top managers from past cohorts. The event, organized on by EMBA Class XVII, included a test of creativity and teamwork for the newest EMBA cohort.
In the welcome address BMI Director General Jaunius Pusvaškis noted „ BMI is in the business of raising happiness level of executives. BMI concept of happiness includes Health, Wealth and Social Network elements. In terms of health, as of the age of 20, people loose 3,6 % of the brain capacity every 10 years. I believe that in addition to systemic business knowledge and practical skills BMI Executive MBA students receive to increase their wealth, BMI studies reduce the risk of brain capacity loss and hopefully extend their active brain life cycle beyond the average 25 000 days.“
Teams of the new executive students were each given a song and the task of filming video clip. They got to work with passion, competitive spirit, and of course some jazzy moves. Then they gathered with BMI alumni and staff at the Green Hall restaurant and screened the produced video clips.
A distinguished jury of EMBA alumni and BMI staff, helped by voting from the audience, had no trouble identifying winning teams for a number of award categories: best interpretation, best humour, best choreography, the boldest take, and video of the year.
The formal part of the evening ended with a cake – big, beautiful and delicious. And then the informal part began as a limousine (for the evening’s victors) and a party bus took participants off into the night for more fun and dancing and memories. 

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