Apr. 12

Top economist and tax experts add insights to BMI EMBA studies

The executives in BMI International EMBA class XVIII this week got additional practical insights on corporate tax planning and economic analysis during lectures and discussions with experts from PwC, the world’s second-largest professional services firm, and Nordic banking leader SEB.
On Monday, PwC Senior Managers Egidijus Kundelis (a 2016 graduate of the BMI EMBA) and Lina Banytė-Surplienė led an evening presentation on the topic of tax optimization. Through case studies, they showed how factors such as financing structure – debt and equity mix and the use of holding companies and special purpose vehicles in group structures significantly impact effective tax rates. They also noted that new EU tax anti-avoidance measures may result in double taxation or higher tax compliance costs.
On Tuesday, the well-known Baltic economist Gitanas Nausėda, advisor to the CEO at SEB Bankas, presented the outlook for the global and the local economy this year and next. He shared SEB’s forecasts for economic growth, and for inflation, interest rates, exchange rates and investments.
Dr. Nausėda also explained the key factors that can will influence the economy in 2017 and 2018, including changes in U.S. trade and economic stimulus policy, agreements between the EU and the UK in the context of Brexit, how fast China’s growth slows, and general geopolitical uncertainty.
“High-level guest speakers from the international business community are an important part of the learning and networking opportunities that BMI offers top managers. They’re a great complement to our distinguished professors from top business schools around the world, who also all bring impressive real-life management experience,” BMI Director General Jaunius Pusvaškis noted. 

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