Jun. 06

Andrejus Dolgovas of BMI EMBA Class 18 becomes cycling World Champion

Congratulations to Andrejus Dolgovas of BMI EMBA Class 18 who triumphed in the World 24 Hour Pair Mountain Bike Championship on 2-3 June in Finale Ligure, Italy, with teammate Elijus Čivilis.
The duo, who comprise Lithuania’s Top Team - UltraBike, covered 410 km of challenging terrain over 24 hours, outriding 35 other teams from around the globe to become the 2017 world champs.
“Andrejus is a remarkable achiever,” said BMI Director General Jaunius Pusvaškis. “Winning such an event at this level requires extraordinary endurance, focus and teamwork, things also highly relevant for success in business. It shows again that the top managers who join the Executive MBA at BMI have the drive and talent to become world-class performers in every area of their life,” he said.
Andrejus Dolgovas heads the Postal Services Department at Lietuvos Paštas AB. He’s also the founder of the non-profit institution Sporto Progresas VšĮ, which organizes competitive endurance sports events and uses technology and scientific advances to help athletes achieve better results.
“This victory is the result of 10 years of daily effort and training and the support of my partners and team,” Andrejus said. “It’s a great feeling, so motivating, though I’m still recovering from the grueling race. I think the rigorous schedule of studies at BMI helped me keep up a steady rhythm, and after the last intensive EMBA module in China, I somehow still had more strength,” he added.

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