Jun. 09

BMI EMBA Alumni discuss disruption with BMI’s new professor of digital management

Prof. Shirish C. Srivastava of HEC Paris, BMI’s new professor of digital management, hosted a lecture and discussion Thursday evening for alumni of the BMI EMBA programme on global tech trends, how they’re disrupting industries, and how to leverage such disruption as business opportunities.

Several dozen executives from past EMBA cohorts joined the interactive BMI Alumni Upgrade session. Prof. Srivastava led them in a review of dominant technology trends – such as the intelligent platforms and objects emerging from advances in AI and machine learning, further blurring of lines between the digital and physical world, dynamic connection of people, processes and things in digital ecosystems, and adaptive security architecture to manage evolving digital risks.
Focus then shifted to how such technologies are disrupting industries, from hospitality and entertainment to cars, manufacturing and everything else. “Whatever your industry is, you’re not safe, because it’s being touched by technology in some way,” the professor stressed. Business models have to be reinvented as key success factors change, buying products is replaced by using services, and collaborative production and ecosystems become the norm.
Finally, after a mini-case study on a paint company’s digital transformation, the lecturer presented the MIT-Capgemini framework for leveraging digital disruption as a business opportunity, moving from customer experience through operational processes and the overall business model.
“Digital disruption brings not just opportunities for transformation but its necessity, and digital transformation initiatives need to be undertaken in a structured fashion,” Prof. Srivastava noted.
The BMI Alumni Upgrade Programme offers graduates regular opportunities to extend some of the valuable practical knowledge they got in the BMI International Executive MBA, and also to network. Alumni Upgrade sessions are open to all EMBA graduates and are free of charge.

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