Sept. 27

Ongoing self-development is key for any manager, executive trainer stresses

A central part of any manager’s job is to always keep developing them self, since only then will they be able to help other people develop: that was the core message that executive coach and trainer Saulius Jovaišas delivered in this week’s “BMI Presents…” public lecture. Several dozen business leaders joined the lively high-level presentation and discussion at BMI.
“We’re simply not able to help our employees grow if we’re not trying to grow ourselves,” noted Mr. Jovaišas, a 2009 graduate of the BMI Executive MBA. “When you are developing yourself, aware of where you’re going and where you are now, that also motivates you. When you see your own growth as a person, as a leader, as an executive,” he added
The guest speaker reviewed key leadership and emotional competence qualities as well as self-motivation during the evening session. He stressed the importance for a manager of clarifying what really motivates you, and doing so honestly, as a guide for daily work.
He also encouraged participants to include in their schedule time dedicated just “to think” – a thing many avoid, since it can seem unproductive, but which is a valuable tool for executives to get to know themselves, coach themselves, and find solutions for challenging issues.

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