Nov. 15

BMI Impactful Leadership & Corporate Finance Programme Class II participants give programme the quality rating of 95%

70 executives gathered for a special evening of knowledge and presentation of certificates to 34 participants Class II of the BMI Impactful Leadership & Corporate Finance Programme.  

“This innovative programme gathered a solid group of business owners and top managers that accounted for 90% of the programme participants from various sectors of industries with an average management experience of 12 years. The executives in cohort II gave the programme an overall quality rating of 95% which indicates that the programme addresses specific needs of executives who seek to enhance their knowledge and skills under the guidance of outstanding international BMI faculty, who need flexible and efficient delivery to fit their busy lives, and who want tangible commercial results”, BMI Director General Jaunius Pusvaškis told the gathering.

It was followed by the Information Session on the BMI Impactful Leadership & Corporate Finance Programme Class 3 introducing the INTERCONTINENTAL and EUROPEAN options of the programme.

A lecture on “Behavioral Economics in Negotiation” was held by Professor Keld Jensen of Thunderbird University, USA. It gave the executives a taste of the programme’s contents and the level of BMI’s top international lecturer-practitioners.

Note that admissions for the 2018 edition of the Impactful Leadership and Corporate Finance Programme (Class III) are currently underway. For an overview of how its modules help ambitious executives boost their leadership skills and ability to make sound commercial decisions, see

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