Mar. 21

Happy 10th birthday to the programme “I Choose to Teach!”

A unique programme called “I Choose to Teach!” was born ten years ago.

Its purpose is to attract the best students from high schools and universities to become teachers in schools all over the country. Since the start of the programme, 118 talented young people whose area of study was not pedagogy have spent at least 2 years each working as teachers at 78 different schools, directing impacting more than 26,000 pupils.

Drawn by enthusiasm for and belief in the programme "I Choose to Teach!", professionals from diverse industries gathered for a birthday lunch.

Mr. Rolandas Valiūnas, BMI’s Co-Chairman, and Mr. Jaunius Pusvaškis, the Director General of BMI, represented BMI at this special event.

“The goals of this programme remain very relevant today. It’s still important to help schools renew themselves, address the lack of teachers and raise the prestige of the teaching profession. Without any doubts, BMI will further contribute to this programme in the area of education,” says Jaunius Pusvaškis, BMI’s Director General.