Sept. 19

BMI‘S Annual Back-to-School BBQ kicks off 20th Academic Season

The two-part event began with a presentation about 4-Continent Executive MBA Programme at BMI Executive hall, where perspective students got a chance to interact closely with prominent alumni members and hear testimonies about various benefits of the world-class programme.
Jaunius Pusvaškis, BMI Director General shared the survey results about the value of the BMI Executive programme, which accounts for 16% positive increase on corporate EBIT.
The executives continued the evening at the Pakrantė Creative Industries Centre, where they mingled over grilled delicacies and Volfas Engelman-sponsored refreshing drinks. BMI Board Chairman Rolandas Valiūnas gave an inspiring speech about his own experiences with BMI EMBA Class I and the many developments the Institute has gone through since its inception in 1999.
Another highlight of the night was the announcement of the special “BMI ambassador” prize - participation at Digital Transformation Module - which was given to Mr. Igoris Gorbačiovas (EMBA Class XVIII) for continual efforts to promote and recommend the Executive MBA programme. During his speech, Igoris adressed the future students by expressing the EMBA is not just a programme, but a journey. Director General Jaunius Pusvaškis thanked all alumni for giving BMI its stellar reputation and brand name.

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