Dec. 14

What gifts will Santa bring us and how to deal with it in 2019?

BMI 4-Continent Executive Alumni and Students gathered to BMI Alumni Upgrade Session No. 7 about Economic Developments in 2019 with Andrius Škarnulis, Head of Macroeconomics and Forecasting Division, Bank of Lithuania (BMI EMBA Class XIX).
The first part of session focused on upcoming global trends, geopolitical uncertainty, BREXIT drama and global impact of US monetary policy normalization. Mr. Škarnulis noted that: “Increased uncertainty negatively affects investment and economic growth. Therefore, trade wars are one of the most significant recent risks to the world economy and increased uncertainty suppresses business investments and general economic activity. That may reach Lithuania as well”.
On the second part Alumni found out 11 gifts that Santa will bring in 2019 and were surprised that 2019 will be progressive years!

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