May. 15

Vytas E. Gruodis, who played a key role in BMI’s history, passes away at 88

BMI was sad to learn today that Vytas E. Gruodis, who helped to found and lead the Baltic Management Institute during many years, has died at the age of 88.
“We offer sincere condolences to the Gruodis family and express our gratitude for Vytas’s many efforts, sound leadership, and dedication. Without his faith and hard work, BMI probably would not be here, and it certainly would not have achieved so much as an international educator of executives,” said Jaunius Pusvaškis, the Director General of BMI.
Vytas E. Gruodis’s vision, international connections and drive were central to the founding of BMI in 1999 as a partnership of European business schools to jointly deliver an International Executive MBA degree in Vilnius, and for the development of BMI itself into an internationally recognized management education leader. He became Chairman of the Board at BMI and in 2002 also Director General. He remained an honorary member of the institute’s governing board right until his death.
More than 700 high-level executives and business owners have completed the BMI EMBA and now help lead companies in Lithuania and many countries of the world. Thousands of other business leaders have attended shorter training sessions at BMI. Vytautas Magnus University in 2009 granted Vytas E. Gruodis a doctorate honoris causa to recognize his contributions to the establishment of BMI, which has also brought more international visibility and access to VMU as its Lithuanian academic partner.
“BMI remains a rising international star in Lithuania’s business history, and Vytas E. Gruodis played a key role in its creation and development,” Jaunius Pusvaškis said, adding: “In fact this was just one of his contributions to the civil society, education and economic institutions in independent Lithuania, where he returned in early 1993 after more than 30 years as an executive in international business.”

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