May. 23

Great leadership isn't just about doing the right things

Great leadership isn't just about doing the right things, it's about making sure you don't do the wrong things. Executives of BMI Impactful Leadership & Corporate Finance programme had two amazing days of peer-to-peer learning together with adjunct professor of the BMI 4-Continent Executive MBA Aad JCM van Vliet devoted for practicing how to create environment for people where they could be the best their versions, how to ensure their meaningful life and at the same time make customer happy and create shareholder value, how to develop their own leadership formula while staying inspired by their team. Small tips and aspirations taken away such as understanding of the meaning why celebration of “fails” is important, what influence making people small makes on their performance, why people "are“, not "behave“, encouraged participants to rethink their own leadership style and change it fundamentally.