May. 27

Business Strategy in China – when East meets West

BMI 4-Continent Executive MBA Class XX completed its 5 day module in China on Corporate Cultures & Leadership, delivered with Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Antai College – a long-time BMI partner which the FT ranks No. 8 worldwide for EMBA.
Day 1
“I have very much enjoyed a lecture “Business Strategy in China – when East meets West” with professor Stone Shi. It was very appealing introduction and energetic start of the week!” says Andrius Bagdonavičius, BMI EMBA Class XX Representative, Head of Infrastructure and Danske Bank Group IT Centre.
Day 2
“Very inspiring start of the day with “Organizational Culture and Leadership” lecture by Dr. Jari Grosse–Ruyken, followed by absolutely mind blowing visit to Alibaba Corporation. So many thoughts and ideas to bring back home!” says student Vaiva Tamošiūnienė, Regional Manager Western Europe at Veika.
"Friday's lesson gave me a click in mind: today’s China market is growing at 18% per year and spend more than $400 Billion USD per year on R&D in comparison with $500 Billion USD in the US. Firstly it was made and copied in China, but now the rules of the game is changing - 996 rule led to "invented in China" and in the future "copied from China". In order to be successful China needs to expand so we need to think and to use this opportunity wise! I am really lucky that I had this opportunity to learn and be among BMI EMBA XX students. This is amazing!” says student Daiva Kemzūraitė, Director of Data Processing and Analytics Department at Laserpas.
Day 3
"Every day amazes and engages 100%. The visit to the Cadillac demo centre and factory far exceeded my expectations. They think through every detail and are ready for anything. The Head of Marketing who presented Cadillac’s positioning and success story in China was so good that it makes you think about how much you still have to learn and how serious we are about leadership in our country. The overall experience and how the organization takes care of everything is fascinating – the attention to the landscaping, interiors, small details, people’s style, presentation contents and graphic solutions… Everything is well thought out. Everything creates value and, I know I’m repeating myself, makes you think and get really serious. We still really have a lot to learn." says, student Giedrius Skliutas, Sales Director at Bitė Lietuva.
Day 4
"BMI China module with very interesting Cross-Cultural Leadership session in agenda. Charismatic Prof. Henry Guo presented inspiring China leadership philosophy supported with comparison insights of leadership in other economies as well as own experience. An intensive day with much material for further development of own critically important leadership skills." says student Andrius Ponelis, Baltic Retail Finance Manager at Inchcape Motors.
And student Arūnas Butkevičius, CEO at Tezaurus Konsultcijos, adds: “The visit to 3M and the exibition of its innovative products was impressive. Definitely it was a great way for new business ideas!”
Day 5
"1 word – WOW! The panel of speakers was amazing. Chinese executives with years of international experience, international executives with years of Chinese experience: the best views of two worlds. The goal was to understand Chinese culture and leadership style, this week totally immersed us in this different world. Their difference is their strength. The most culturally intense week I have had in years." says student Sebastian Nicolas Bittar, Market Risk Manager at Lloyds Bank Group.
"This week I had a busy and impressive time in China having BMI EMBA China module in Antai College of Economics and Management. The leadership oriented course was conducted by very qualified, high energy and encouraging professors, more over in Shanghai had a chance to visit such companies as Alibaba, Cadillac, and 3M. And the most interesting and inspiring point was spending time with 45 very self-motivated and talented classmates. After visiting Shanghai I completely changed my understanding of China as now I see it as highly developed country with a huge power of world’s economy having a lot of possibilities." says student Agnius Tamošaitis, Head of Real Estate Management & Development at InReal valdymas.

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