Sept. 25

The Art & Science of Executive Presence with Amy Carroll

Leaders and entrepreneurs today are exposed to loads of tension. Singleness is also felt when at the top, knowing that the business and team are directly affected by their decisions. The pressure to do more and perform better might disturb focused attention, which is the biggest power and the most limited resource.

Cultivating leadership presence requires a complete attention to the present moment. The qualities of great leadership are developed through reflection, practice, and experience. 

Since the EMBA Class XIV Communication Coach Amy Carroll is teaching BMI executive students to develop their leadership and communication skills for successful work as business leaders. This November the vibrant and  perceptive Amy Carroll will orchestrate an open seminar on the power of executive presence.

The two day course will include practical self-assessment modeling and influence challenge, analyse behaviours and teach techniques on persuading and influencing senior leadership and stakeholders, delegating and coaching employees, responding to challenges, managing conflicts and projecting calm and confidence under pressure.

When: 4-5 November, 2019

Where: BMI Executive Hall, Konstitucijos Ave. 7, Vilnius

Language: English


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