Feb. 06

Guest speaker at BMI - Vinted: the first Lithuanian Unicorn

BMI Alumni community is now over 850 strong. Spread across 30 countries, graduates of the BMI International EMBA are now leading over 400 companies. Being part of this network means having access to the connections, practices and even know-how that will propel your career forward. 

Just yesterday BMI Alumni Association arranged an exclusive opportunity for its members, to meet a wanted guest speaker Mantas Mikuckas, Co-founder and COO at Vinted, first Lithuanian unicorn company. Its story blew minds with disruptive turns and rebellious resolutions, and widened eyes on organizational culture and natural care for sustainability. All achieved with tons of positive. There were surely a few valuable lessons to learn – not to be greedy and to create your unfair advantage, are among our favourite ones. Mantas was also keen to recommend one of his first choice reads – “The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers“ by Ben Horowitz. 

Thank you, BMI Alumni Association for a handful of experience and optimism.

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