Feb. 13

UCLouvain BMI International EMBA officially launched in Brussels

Université Catholique de Louvain and BMI, are celebrating over 20 years of winning partnership and launching a new innovative international executive MBA in Brussels.

Director General at BMI, Jaunius Pusvaškis held a ceremonial opening speech introducing a newly launched UCLouvain BMI International EMBA as human cantered. Designed to learn and experiment with a global tool-box and the right mix of deep, soft and hard skills. Where its executive participants will not only be excellently trained in a unique human and business skill set but empowered to go out and make a positive impact. 

The charismatic Prof. Per J. Agrell, Dean of Faculty at Louvain School of Management, UCLouvain referred to a 20-year collaboration with BMI as modern and constantly reaching for ambitious new ways to innovate how instruction and practice are conveyed to the ascendant generation of international managers. 

Programme strengths were introduced by Prof. Jean-Paul Larçon, Co-Chairman of the BMI Board. The new UCLouvain BMI International EMBA is shaped by three unique competitive advantages. Foremost its global faculty: a network of leading academics and professionals from best ranked business schools worldwide.
The second programme advantage is the built-in international experiences offered during the programme. The Chinese Management Practices module in Shanghai is important because the EU is China's largest trading partner. Belgium ports and logistics companies are key actors of the China-Europe maritime trade and the airport of Liege has been chosen by Alibaba for its the first logistics hub in Europe. The largest Chinese incubator in Europe is located in Louvain-La-Neuve. The strong American connection with Tulane business school in New Orleans creates value thanks to a unique expertise in energy management and entrepreneurship, as well as strong links with Latin America. The Eurasia connection linking the Baltic Sea to Central Asia offers interesting mobility opportunities: Vilnius and its fintechs, St. Petersburg and the EU-Russia trade, Almaty in Kazakhstan and the business opportunities of Central Asia.
The third competitive advantage is the power of the alumni network. Louvain’s reputation of academic excellence and global network are a great asset with some 56,000 graduates of UCLouvain regularly in close contact with their Alma Mater. BMI Alumni association, strong of some 800 successful entrepreneurs and top executives, with its strong presence in the Nordic-Baltic region, brings a distinctive contribution to the partnership.

The new UCLouvain BMI International EMBA is looking for executive participants who will share common values of business ethics, sustainable development goals, and impactful leadership. The programme, will take on its first cohort of Brussels-based managers and entrepreneurs in January 2021.



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