Feb. 21

Coaching the Alpha Leader with Amy Carroll - an exclusive workshop for women in HR

BMI Brussels in collaboration with NeHRa - the professional HR network, is hosting a special speaker event in Brussels. Due to fragile current public situation the event was postponed to the 9th September, 2020. The new registration is now open.

Leaders live in a fish bowl. Everyone is watching them and everything they do is being interpreted, analyzed and scrutinized. As a result a bad mood or a poor interaction with someone can have lasting negative effects. 

Often people are promoted because of their experience and knowledge, and yet they lack something as a leader, this vital, yet difficult to identify thing called presence. 

Those who don’t possess this presence are frequently perceived as being “really nice”, though people wonder if they really have what it takes to do the job. Others may be perceived as inaccessible, aggressive, domineering, arrogant or abrasive (the Alpha Leader).

This keynote workshop introduces both types of leader and identifies the “presence” they need to acquire in order to become truly effective, inspiring and engaging leaders. It will include practical exercises and live demonstrations to show participants how to coach the Alpha Leader.

The preliminary timing:

6.30PM – Arrival

7.00PM – Coaching session and Q&A with Amy Carroll

9.00PM – Networking

10.00PM – End

Location: BMI Brussels office, Avenue Louise 65 (Box 11), 1050 Brussels. Floor 2. 

Event is free of cost. Reservation is needed.
Event is only open for women in HR and related fields.

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For more information on the venue or the coaching session contact:
Annemarie WEISE, Developement Director at BMI Brussels: +32 471 77 10 70,

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