Dec. 07

Microsoft and BMI Agree to Develop Personalised Training Solutions for Executives

Microsoft Corporation and BMI Institute have agreed to work together to develop personalised training solutions for executives and implement the digital transformation of executive studies under an International Business Management Study Programme designed specifically for high-level managers. BMI is the very first institution Microsoft has chosen to collaborate with in developing innovative education solutions for executives in the Baltic States. Collaboration will also extend to Brussels, Belgium, where a new base of BMI Institute was established last year.

Simonas Černiauskas, Country Manager at Microsoft Lithuania, says an integrated approach will be applied in cooperating across several areas, including the development of a set of customised training solutions, the provision of access to Microsoft tools and platforms, ongoing consultations to enhance digital aspects of the learning process, and the use of Microsoft data analysis tools to help manage specific aspects of lectures.

According to BMI Director General Jurga Bendikaitė-Ursavas, this collaboration with Microsoft will permit the use of the most advanced educational innovations to develop the competencies of executives who directly contribute to progress at the national level.

“Executive studies are rapidly gaining popularity in all the largest universities across the world. Lithuania is no exception. Despite the unfortunate conditions imposed by pandemic this year, BMI’s Executive MBA programme has attracted a record number of students – 46 executives. Today’s strong focus on lifelong learning encourages us to search for new ways to improve the teaching and learning process by adapting it to the individual. Our goal is to provide each participant of the programme with a personalised education experience, taking into account their existing know-how in a specific field. We are delighted to have the opportunity to do this together with Microsoft, the world leader in the development of digital solutions,” Bendikaitė-Ursavas says.

Microsoft’s Country Manager notes that collaboration with BMI is a part of the corporation’s long-term investment in the education sector at the global level: “Microsoft has been investing in education in Lithuania since 1994. We are not novices on the market, ours is a long-term investment.”

“This project is exceptional. We are working with executive studies on an international level, which has a lot of specifics and certainly very high quality requirements,” Černiauskas continues, stressing too  the importance of digital skills in today’s world amid constant growth of automated and robotised processes in business.

“It is no longer enough for executives to have perfect competence in one field. They must be versatile. For a competitive and successful business, the head of the company needs to strengthen their digital know-how, develop data analytics skills and have the latest knowledge about the business opportunities opened up by new technologies. That’s why one of the goals of our cooperation is to increase the digital literacy of executives using the most advanced solutions and giving access to the latest tools,” the head of Microsoft Lithuania says.

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