Feb. 04

BMI Executive Session on Strategy Led by Tulane Global MBA Professor

Prof. Alain Dumont, who teaches strategy at Tulane University’s outstanding Global MBA programme, on Thursday led a lecture at BMI on formulating an international strategy that is right for a specific company.

This BMI Executive Session centred on the type of international competition a company faces, and then based on that, how to operate internationally. “There are two questions. Is your industry a global industry? And if it’s not, is it domestic or multi-local? How you should make strategic decisions depends on what type of industry you’re in,” Prof. Dumont explained.

The lecture was an excerpt of the high-level “Global Strategy & Competition” course that he leads for Tulane – one of six 1-week modules in six countries that comprise the Global MBA programme. BMI, which in 2015 began a partnership with Tulane’s prestigious Freeman School of Business, is one the programme’s affiliate schools.

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