Mar. 23

Executives Get Business Negotiation Insights from International Expert

A sizeable group of executives gathered at BMI on Thursday for a high-level public lecture and discussion on the secrets of effective business negotiations.

The “BMI Presents” session was led by Osvaladas Čiukšys, who has two decades of experience as an international negotiator, including key roles in talks on numerous business deals as well as EU accession and closure of the Ignalina nuclear plant. He is currently Director General of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and Chairman of the Lithuania-China Business Council.

The science of negotiation examines how to take and keep the initiative in terms of ensuring the right environment for talks, preparing a strong negotiating team, setting the agenda and then using instruments such as questions, emotions and appropriate concessions to control the course of talks, he said, before sharing his own tips and insights on each of these core aspects.

“We’re very different around the globe,” Mr. Čiukšys said, turning to specifically international dimensions of negotiations. For each country “you have to learn what to expect and how to read between the lines in terms of behaviour, values, mentality and decision-making processes.”

A detailed examination of cultural negotiating differences in a number of countries was followed by a lively discussion with the managers in the audience. The evening concluded with a reminder that preparation and controlling the situation are always of utmost importance.

“Don’t be afraid to take a break and think things over when you need to,” the guest lecturer stressed, adding: “Never act spontaneously in negotiations, that’s always the wrong strategy.”

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