Expand your horizons attending 11 BMI 4-Continent Executive MBA venues


Maxim SALAHUB,Partner, SORAINEN & Partners FLLC, Belarus:
"Tulane study trip is about exposing yourself to all new cultures, sharing international experience, and learning the best practices in business leadership, corporate and social responsibility, and ethical entrepreneurship."
Yauheni KAZIAK,CEO, Stone Labs, Belarus:
“Getting a first-hand touch of China’s impressive size and pace of change, as well as its cultural specifics, was impressive and useful. Traveling with fellow students was also a great opportunity to really get to know each other well.”
Leonid LIMINCHUK, Director, Amparo Llc., Russia:
“This EMBA combines international professors and very good organization of learning process by BMI managers. Another strong point is a high level of classmates from diversified industries with lots of experience in different fields. I willingly give BMI my best recommendations.”
Tim LUNKENHEIMER, Programme Manager, Continental, German:
"My decision to participate in this module in Charlotte was influenced by finding out that the city is very attractive for foreign investors. The fact that Charlotte is the second largest finance center in the US got my attention. It was a great experience visting the companies and gathering further knowledge about their business."
Anastasija KARGINA, CEO, Toi Toi, Latvia:
“The India Immersion Programme took us to three cities on the subcontinent, with many company visits, expert lectures and cultural outings. This huge market is largely unknown to many people. Like the entire EMBA, it was an exhilarating and mind-charging journey. After being in business for more than 12 years, I came to BMI to broaden my horizons. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Martin HEINZ, General Manager (D-A-CH), iTAC Software AG, Germany:
“BMI chose a perfect venue and just the right partners for the module on German Business and Industrie 4.0. On site in Frankfurt we got an intense direct experience of how technology is revolutionizing business and able to generate a detectable value added. We saw how several industry leaders are dealing with related challenges and generating gainful opportunities. Lots of interaction, information and as well a bit of social and cultural experience, too. Grateful!”


Andrius BARAKŪNAS, CEO, Havas Media, Lithuania:
“I chose to take marketing at WUT Business School. The course itself covered both classic principles and current trends, plus we were able to share experience with the managers in WUT’s EMBA programme and with BMI alumni who took part. Modules abroad further broaden your professional vision and let you spend more time with colleagues and get to know people better.”

Igoris GORBAČIOVAS, CTO, Fortevento, Lithuania:
BMI provides unique possibility to reach top-notch professors and ambitious executives beyond the borders."

Mantas MARČIULAITIS, Founder, Imdigital, Lithuania:
"As a BMI alumnus, you get access to various executive education courses at European business schools. A Strategic Marketing course at the Vienna's WU Executive Academy has been a refreshing experience. This highly resourceful class had its lecturers drawn from a pool of industry experts, the faculty of Vienna University of Economics and Business, and offered a tightly packed yet exhaustive refresher on marketing, excellent guest speakers from - and visits to - Austrian and international companies, all skillfully arranged and held in top-notch facilities."


Vytautas DOBILAS, COO, Deeper, Lithuania:
“The content was top-notch, really world class, plus it was an invaluable chance to work together and network with executives from Italy and several other countries.”


Dinas PETRIKAS, Head of Corporate Banking Division, Danske Bank, Lithuania:
“Executives will be provided with an opportunity to see firsthand one of the most resource-rich countries in the world and increase their knowledge of emerging Brazilian market.”

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