More financial resilience during uncertain times? Yes, please!

When? 19 January 2023
What time? 18.00 EET
Where? Via Zoom

Ever-increasing complexity, growing challenges of leaders’ roles and different kinds of crises inside and outside companies – circumstances during which executives have to find the way out.

Uncertainty can have a number of effects on financial resilience, including:

  1. Reduced income: Uncertainty can lead to economic downturns and increasing risk aversion, which can reduce revenues and make it harder to maintain financial stability.
  2. Increased expenses: In times of uncertainty and especially inflation companies have the need to stock up on supplies or take other precautions that can increase expenses.
  3. Reduced access to credit: Uncertainty can lead to financial instability, which can make it harder for businesses to access credit.
  4. Volatility in financial markets: Uncertainty can lead to volatility in financial markets, which can affect the value of investments.

In this webinar we will review which initiatives can be helpful to increase financial resilience in times of uncertainty.

History is a good starting point to understand the high level of uncertainty faced by companies right now, there have been other times when companies have also built resilience to survive. During this online event we will review the survival mode of the last few decades, characterized by low inflation and low interest rates, and discuss how the new inflation and high interest rates will be impacting corporate decisions.

This free webinar will give you a great touch of what our new programme “Leading in Uncertain Environment” is all about. So if you are interested in understanding what circumstances make a company more resilient and what capabilities open firms to a broader optionality, join us online on January 19!

About Gloria Batllori

Gloria is a Professor of Finance at ESADE Business School in Barcelona. She teaches Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis. She teaches finance for non-finance executives as her area of interest is connecting strategic innovation and financial indicators, a topic directly related to decision-making processes.

Gloria has been involved in the launch of innovative programmes partnering non-academic institutions such as Singularity University (Silicon Valley) and CERN (Geneva) with ESADE.

She started her professional career working for the Spanish Government in international trade in Los Angeles. She then worked in strategic consulting at The Mac Group, and later founded her own consulting firm – Diedro Advising. Gloria has had exposure to many different industries as a consultant, including banking, food, construction, textile and retail. She consults on valuation for M&A and startups.

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Registration is open until 18 January.

For more information about the event, please contact Diana Gedeikytė-Jakutienė:, +370 600 368 38

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