Effective negotiation: changing the mindset of negotiation by creating a common ground

When? 29 March 2022
What time? 18.00
Where? BMI Executive Institute, Konstitucijos ave. 7, Vilnius

The World Economic Forum has identified skill in negotiation as one of the top ten skills essential to success, regardless of what job you may hold. And if you happen to be in procurement, it is your third most important skill. Furthermore, negotiation ability has been cited as making an impact of 60% on a person’s chances of success in business.  

BMI Executive Institute invites you to live session with Keld Jensen, Award-Winning Senior Negotiation Strategist, Assoc. Professor and Author, lecturer at BMI. 

A world-renowned negotiation expert, Keld Jensen will share his in-depth knowledge and experience to help you unlock the hidden potential in every negotiation situation. You will understand the basic negotiation strategy choices, the principle of TrustCurrency, the rules of the negotiating game, and the award-winning negotiation model, NegoEconomics. 

After an intensive study of more than 35,000 negotiations—dating back to 1976—they have identified just four important topics within the negotiating field as key to maximizing your effectiveness. In this enjoyable session, Keld will share his experience, observations and recommendations on these four crucial topics.  

When: 18.00, 29 March 2022

Where: BMI Executive Institute, Konstitucijos ave. 7, Vilnius (31st floor)

Registration open until 28 March. 

If you have participated in Keld’s earlier BMI events, you will definitely want to join this one—you are in for some brand-new insights and applications, building upon what you’ve already learned. 

For more information about the event, please contact Justina Polikaitytė: +370 618 29792; justina@bmiinstitute.com.

About the lecturer

Keld Jensen is a citizen of Denmark and the USA and resides in South California, USA. He left the technology industry in the 90´s, as the CEO of a public company in Sweden, to pursue the opportunity to improve negotiations in the world. 

Keld is the former chairman of Centre for Negotiation at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark and is the author of 24 books on international negotiation and communication which is published in more than 37 countries in 18 languages and got more than 2.8 million readers.

In 2016 he was named as one of the world’s Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trust. 

In 2017, he was awarded the IACCM Innovation Award and the National Public Procurement Organization “Negotiation /tender of the year award” in Denmark. His unique concept of SMARTnership Negotiation is the finalist in the Danish Design Award on collaboration. 

In 2019 he was the finalist at the World Commerce & Contracting Strategic Award and in 2021 and 2022 he entered the prestigious Global Gurus Top30.

His latest book Honest Negotiation received the #1 New Release recognition on Amazon. Keld has been advisor to organizations such as LEGO, ThermoFisher, B&O, DHL, Rolls Royce, Danish Government, Canadian Government, Petronas etc. 

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