Executive Breakfasts: Diversity and Inclusion


After a successful first cycle last year, Claire Godding will take one step further to highlight how critical it is to have a clear DEI policy integrated into a global business strategy.

A second round of Executive Breakfasts with practitioners from various fields is coming up! Guest presenters will discuss findings that can be applied beyond HR and incorporated into myriad branches ranging from product design to inclusive communication.


Session 1: Maturity. Step out the HR domain
2 March, 8-10 hs., Regus Brussels City Centre (Av. Louise 65, 1050, Brussels)
Guest speaker: Smaranda Boros, Cross-Cultural Management

We will explore different ways to evaluate the maturity level of your company in terms of DEI and see how a maturity index can help.

Session 2: DEI in Process and Product Design
27 April, 8-10 hs., Regus Brussels City Centre (Av. Louise 65, 1050, Brussels)
Guest speaker: Sophie Criquelion, Decathlon Belgium

We will explore how a company can include diversity & inclusion at all stages of product development, packaging and merchandising.

Session 3: Inclusive Communication
16 May, 9-11 hs., TheMerode (Pl. Poelaert 6, 1000, Brussels)
Guest speaker: Hanan Challouki, Inclusify

Whether you communicate with your employees or your clients, it is key to deliver a message considering differences across cultural backgrounds, genders, generations, etc. Inclusive communication makes sure that nobody feels excluded. Hanan created a unique card game to help you see beyond the obvious.

Senior Expert at Febelfin on diversity and inclusion, co-chair of Wo.Men in Finance, founder and chair of DMAB, Diversity Managers Association Belgium. She has worked in diversity and inclusion for the last 13 years and has been nominated for the Rise & Lead Women Awards on Balanced Leadership.

Need more information about this event? Feel free to contact Lucas Van Rey (+32 470 91 59 34; lucas@bmiinstitute.com).

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