How to prepare in the period of uncertainty: economic prospects and scenarios

When? 27 April 2022
What time? 17.00 CET / 18.00 EET
Where? Zoom platform

Times of uncertainty – that’s how we could call the overall feeling many of us are facing regardless of the field in which we work or the country we live in.

Before being able to fully recover from the pandemic, new challenges hit and made the recovery even more difficult. Ongoing war in Ukraine, rapidly rising prices, changing economic relations between the countries strongly confront organizations nowadays and often leave their leaders in the dark while making decisions.

Experts suggest that we need to stop dividing the periods between good and bad . Instead managers should be prepared to live in a some kind of crisis that is constantly coming back.

BMI Executive Institute invites you to a free webinar, where our lecturers will overview the economic context and how organizations can learn to live in the these times of uncertainty. Prof. Rudy Aernoudt will present the challenges of the economy ahead of us. He will discuss macroeconomic indicators, key-drivers for change, trends and possible scenarios taking into account the present-day context. 

In order to see the whole picture, Greg Mathers will focus on a meso level and share his knowledge about the tools and methodologies that can be applied by managers during an ongoing time of crisis, including change management topic.

Do not miss an opportunity to learn economics in a clear and understandable way!

When: 27 April, Wednesday 2022

What time: 17.00 CET / 18.00 EET

Where: Zoom

About Prof. Rudy Aernoudt

Prof. Rudy Aernoudt is an experienced Professor Corporate Finance and European policy and has an outstanding International and European experience (MIT, OECD, European commission, European Council and European Social and Economic Committee). He teaches at Ghent University in Belgium, with a focus on the global economic environment. 

Prof. Rudy Aernoudt is a former chief economist and corporate finance veteran with an impressive background, including experience at MIT, the European Commission, the European Council, and the European Social and Economic Committee. He is a co-founder of the European Business Angels Network and the Foundation for Research on Education and Entrepreneurship. 

Prof. Aernoudt has shared his expert knowledge in numerous magazine articles and has published more than 30 books and over 300 papers on corporate finance, politics, and economics. In teaching internationally, he stresses the use of up-to-date facts, figures and news with regard to corporate finance and management. 

About Greg Mathers

Greg Mathers is Certified Senior Adizes Associate from Latvia. He regularly delivers consulting and training in the Adizes Methodology to executives and senior management teams across Europe.

Greg Mathers has over twenty years of international experience developing entrepreneurial businesses and fifteen years of experience in building successful participative management systems with senior management teams in SMEs.

Greg Mathers holds worldwide experience in management consulting and training in IT, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, professional services, education, HORECA, and financial services industries with companies such as Radisson Hotels, Accenture, Latvian State Forestry, SEB, Swedbank and others.

By now he has boosted a large number of organizations’ growth by helping them build competencies in managing complex sales, move into new international markets, and develop participative decision-making models and collaborative cultures.

Registration is open until 26 April.

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