Pathways to digital transformation: do it right

When? 22 February 2022
What time? 11.30 CET / 12.30 EET
Where? Zoom platform

Digital technologies are redefining the way organisations compete and how they engage with customers. During the past few years, the pace of digital transformation has accelerated on a global scale, at a time when more than 70% of digital transformation efforts either fail or underachieve in their objectives.            

The goal really isn’t digital transformation but rather business and organisational transformation — using digital capabilities to transform a traditional enterprise into a top performer in the digital economy. One leadership role is to determine which pathway to pursue — and how aggressively to move.

BMI Executive Institute invites you to a webinar, where Professor Joe Peppard will introduce four viable pathways for transformation, illustrate the experiences of organizations on each of the paths, and examine their pros and cons.

When: 22 February, Tuesday
What time: 11.30 CET, 12.30 EET
Where: Zoom

About Prof. Joe Peppard

Prof. Peppard is an executive educator, researcher and consultant on digital strategy and innovation, the execution of digital transformation programs, the creation of value from IT investments, and the role of the IT unit in contemporary organizations. He is a co-author of The Strategic Management of Information Systems: Building a Digital Strategy, a leading title in digital strategy for practitioners and academics.   The Wall Street Journal recently cited his research as one of “10 tech events of 2021 that will shape the future.” At BMI Executive Institute Prof. Peppard teaches within Executive MBA programme and short executive programme “Innovation and Digital Transformation”.

Registration open until 21 February.

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