We need to talk: techniques to collaborate better within the team

When? 22 November 2022
What time? 18.00 EET
Where? BMI Executive Institute, Konstitucijos ave. 7, Vilnius

Working better together – this is a commonly heard goal that many organizations strive for. Smooth collaboration and communication is one of the main factors for businesses to develop, grow and thrive quicker and easier. That is why it has an even greater impact and more important role during these times of uncertainty and constant change.

So how to create and maintain an environment that cultivates collaboration and supports employees with cultural, personality, work style differences and working remotely these days? Even more, how to increase productivity, psychological safety and generate business in the face of new challenges that constantly appear?

This interactive workshop with Amy Carroll, who is a Swiss-based American, professional speaker, trainer, certified coach and writer, and radio host, combines the best of collaboration mind-set, positive influencing techniques and exercises, to show you how to do just that!

You have the opportunity to discover the guiding principles of improvisation: trust, agreement, connection, flexibility, accepting offers and respect. Through theory and specific exercises, you will begin to experience the power and benefits of applying the “improv attitude” and principles e.g. “Make Your Partner Look Good”.

Regardless of the role you play within a team or organization, building awareness, positive attitude and adaptability for individuals and teams are essential in today’s rapidly changing business environment. This high energy, interactive and experiential workshop includes immediately applicable concepts with the goal of achieving results and surpassing expectations.

About Amy Carroll

• Amy is a Swiss/American certified coach, trainer, speaker and author. She specializes in leadership, communication and effectiveness for multinational clients with global objectives. She leads training through her own company, Carroll Communication Coaching Sàrl (CCC).
• Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and brings with her over 30 years of experience, with 14 of those years spent working in psychiatric, managed care and educational facilities before becoming a certified coach and trainer.
• She holds a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coaching Federation and has completed the coaching curriculum of CoachU, the foremost coaching institution in the world.
• Amy’s clients include Ernst & Young, Cisco Systems, Nestlé, Nespresso, Novartis, Parker, P&G, Saatchi & Saatchi, Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Swiss Post, Dupont, the World Economic Forum, and others.
• Amy’s book The Ego Tango is a portable coach, illustrating the 7 Partner Mindset Techniques though entertaining and educational real-life stories.

Registration is open until 21 November

For more information about the event, please contact Diana Gedeikytė-Jakutienė:

diana.gj@bmiinstitute.com, +370 600 368 38

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