BMI Executive Institute opened the first edition of the Investment and Innovation Academy

BMI Executive Institute has officially opened the inaugural Investment and Innovation Academy programme. The new executive programme was launched in the spring of 2021 to promote understanding of modern business forms, boost interest in start-up investment, enhance possibilities for the best ideas to be brought to life, sharpen evaluation skills of investment opportunities at their early stage, as well as foster collaboration between investors, corporations and start-ups. The courses of the programme will start on 24 January 2022.

The Investment and Innovation Academy was established by BMI together with the Lithuanian Business Angel Network (LitBAN) and Baltic Sandbox. The content is created in partnership with 70V, Ellex Valiūnas and many other individual lecturers-practitioners bringing the knowledge, the experience as well as recent trends from abroad.

On 20 December BMI has invited the participants that have already signed up for the Investment and Innovation Academy, partners of the Academy, and other guest the official opening of the programme and networking evening. All attendees had the opportunity to listen to the guest speaker Saulius Adomaitis, who shared his insights about corporate and private venturing nowadays, its differences, similarities and potential co-creations in that eco-system. 

Diana Česonytė, Director of Executive Education Programmes at BMI Executive Institute, has welcomed the attendees and highlighted that the programme was meant to ignite the change of mindset, which would result in better assessment of investment opportunities, risks and increase higher success rate for investment decision making and innovation creation 

“We are excited to welcome the first participants of the programme. Nowadays we see the pattern that even if companies have sufficient capital for investment, they are often choosing a supposedly safer investment route than looking for collaborations with start-up community, as well as investors do not tend to encourage start-ups to co-create with established enterprises. In this way a lot of opportunities are left behind. With this programme we are aiming to shift the mindset, provide concrete applicable tools and bring separate parties of the eco-system to get to know each other better and identify straight-forward benefits of co-creation as a new trend of today’s disrupted market”, said Česonytė. 

The Investment and Innovation Academy programme starts on 24 January 2022, and the 5 modules will be spread out during 5 months, finishing in June. 

A few seats are still available in the programme. For more information about the programme and how to join it, visit

About the partners

The Lithuanian Business Angel Network (LitBAN) is a community of angel investors who invest in early-stage companies with exceptional growth potential. These ex-entrepreneurs and other experienced professionals dedicate knowledge, energy and financial resources to founders with exciting projects in Lithuania and across the Nordics.

Baltic Sandbox is an accelerator and a community-builder on a mission to help start-ups skyrocket, business angels enhance their competencies, and investors not run out of outstanding founders. Baltic Sandbox seeks on its own and in partnership with others to help address and resolve societal problems.