Executives will take the wheel of luxury SUVs to refine their leadership skills

British luxury car maker Jaguar Land Rover is starting collaboration with BMI Executive Institute, the international educator of high-level business managers and entrepreneurs with bases in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Brussels, Belgium.

The management training that BMI Executive Institute offers to business executives and owners, in addition to areas like marketing, strategy, finance and coaching, will now also include leadership skills inspired by the philosophy behind Range Rover luxury SUVs and the experience of driving these vehicles in challenging conditions.

Participants and alumni of BMI programmes will access this know-how through special BMI events and invitations to a Range Rover Sport masterclass in emotional resilience. Training will be led by Land Rover representatives: both speakers, who will share theory and practical advice on how to tackle the toughest conditions on the road, and certified Range Rover driving instructors, who will help participants consolidate their learning in an off-road test drive of the prestigious sport utility vehicles.

“For more than five decades, Range Rover vehicles have not only been at the forefront of modern luxury and cutting-edge technology, but have also become the indispensable companions of driven, confident leaders who shape the business world. The lives of top business leaders today are unimaginable without constant learning, high-tech integration and sustainability – values which are particularly important to prestige carmakers and which we want to share,” says Vita Ryliškė, the Jaguar Land Rover Business Manager for the Baltics.

Commonalities in values and approaches to the business world were a catalyst for the new partnership. Indeed, running a business today requires many of the same skills, and the same confidence, as driving a car through challenging terrain in harsh conditions. Where everyone stumbles and stalls, true leaders show signs of breakthroughs and only increase their speed.

“For the current and former participants of our programmes for executives, we aim to be a source of the most up-to-date, valuable and applicable knowledge and experience,” says Jurga Bendikaitė-Ursavas, the Director General of BMI Executive Institute, adding: “Jaguar Land Rover is a world-class business driving change at the global level with solid practice-based knowledge that is relevant to our management community. This partnership is an example of how we promote a culture of lifelong learning to help executives stay resilient and meet the challenges they face in these times of constant change and uncertainty.”

Both organisations emphasise the vital role of sustainability in today’s business world. The BMI International Executive MBA programme includes a dedicated module on corporate social responsibility, and throughout the programme, professors from top international business schools provide participants with the latest knowledge and trends in promoting sustainability.

Jaguar Land Rover has set itself the goal of becoming a completely climate-neutral company by 2039, and the first steps towards this goal can already be seen in today’s Range Rovers, which use recycled and recyclable materials and efficient plug-in hybrid powertrains that can travel more than 100 kilometres on electricity alone.

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