Fully customized in-company training for Danske Bank – successfully implemented!

BMI Executive Institute delivers world-class customized training that empowers companies and executives to achieve their objectives quicker and more efficiently. We are happy to share the main highlights of the recently completed training for one of our clients Danske Bank:
– The „Banking and Business Foundations Programme” was specifically designed for Danske Bank leaders with non-financial background
– One of the main goals was to deepen their knowledge of the banking industry and Danske Bank’s business model
– The training took almost a year and was implemented across three countries – Denmark, India and Lithuania
– It was also crafted to help employees from different countries get to know each other better by working together in dynamic groups
– In addition to engaging hands-on activities during the programme, the closing event was extremely festive as well – with the Danske Bank band’s, comprised of own employees, musical performance! It was a great way to both liven up the evening and experience the company’s culture.

Loud applause for these talented members of the Danske Bank team:
Gintaras Kovaitis – IT Software Engineer
Sandra Boicova – Head of AML Risk Lithuania
Domas Rudis – AML Officer
Austeja Taraile (Vocal) – Agile Coach
Jokūbas Kodoras (Guitar) – Officer, Customer Financing Finland
Linas Augaitis (Trumpet) – Senior Statistical Analyst
Justinas Stanevičius – Senior Technology Adoption Consultant

✔️ The distance between countries was not a problem at all! With the help of technology, our Institute has found a way to remove geographical boundaries and bring different cultures together
✔️ The hybrid event was broadcasted live, including the final project evaluation by jury members Mark Payne, Ramunas Biciulaitis and Tomass Ryo-Nielsen
✔️ More than 30 people successfully completed the programme and received certificates! We’re very happy to see their growth, excitement, and motivation for further projects!

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