Rethinking Employee Value Proposition with HR professionals in Klaipėda

BMI Executive Institute team members recently met with HR professionals to discuss the situation that businesses are facing in Lithuanian seaside region and share ideas about employee value proposition and its improvement.
We are very grateful that we had Simona Kuteliene, a head of HR at KN and a participant of our #EMBA programme, as a guest speaker. Having impressive international experience as well as knowing the local market very well, Simona made a strong and valuable opening for further topic development and presented interesting facts about her work at KN.
One of the main takeaways is that it’s rather important to think about the coherent and long-term strategy (mission, vision and values) than focus only on bonuses that have a short effect. KN itself follows this very principle – the company seeks for high people engagement at all stages of their journey and sees positive results. Simona encouraged HR colleagues to ask, listen, identify and communicate Employee’s value proposition since each company is unique and it is just a matter of realizing that uniqueness to attract and retain talent.
Big thank you to all participants who joined! We are more than happy to get to know better and share the knowledge with professionals in different locations of the country. The best feeling after all is seeing HR community that has been brought together during this event – we hope that it will cooperate even more closely in the future!

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