Leadership & Corporate Finance

Impactful Leadership & Corporate Finance Programme

Successful executives should be aware of themselves, lead & coach their teams choosing the appropriate leadership style depending on the situation and excel financial skills to generate competitive value.
The 3 module programme of 5 months approaches leadership, impact and finance as a process and will enable managers to develop skills to lead effectively in their current roles and throughout their careers, make financially sound and commercially viable decisions.
Credits received during the programme are subject to be transfered to BMI International Executive MBA programme. 

Benefits of the Programme

  • Provide a deeper understanding of leadership skills and levers
  • Build skills and knowledge on how to convince others more rapidly
  • Discover an effective coaching leadership style
  • Develop skills to make financially sound and commercially viable decisions
  • Build skills to evaluate operating performance and impact of financial decisions on profitability
  • Understand how people make decisions and how to influence them

Impactful Leadership & Corporate Finance

MODULE I: Positive Impact 

This module is your one-stop shop for creating positive impact on others. It equips you with tools you’ll find indispensable to master:

  • How people make decisions and how to influence them
  • Effective presentation techniques
  • How to spot lies accurately
  • How to convince others more rapidly. Effective questioning
  • Why people either like you or dislike you within just seven seconds
  • Body language – your signals to others
  • Proven preparation checklists for meetings and presentations
  • Why Power Point is the worst invention in the history of communication

Module I rating (in a scale of 100%) in 2016:       90%


MODULE II: Corporate Finance for Executives

While the program uses finance and management accounting fundamentals as its foundation, it is structured in such a way to enable the participants to understand the financial consequence of strategic decisions by providing the framework to:

  • Gain practical knowledge of how to use and interpret financial statements and how to evaluate operating performance;
  • Understand the impact of financial decisions on profitability and financial statements;
  • Enhance the ability to use financial analysis in decision making and develop the guideline to measure success;
  • Understand concepts of capital structure, cost of capital, time value of money and risk analysis by gaining familiarity with sources of capital and their risk/return parameters.
  • Learn how to build applicable cash flow models and valuation models to be used for capital budgeting and assessment of what businesses are actually worth.
  • Learn what drives value creation.

NEW for 2017!


MODULE III: Effective Leadership Now 

The module equips you with insights and tools about leading yourself, your team and your organisation based on applied leadership effectiveness research. Through the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) assessment you will receive objective feedback on your thinking and behavior styles. LSI will also enable you to compare your self-assessment with composite feedback from individuals you select.

The 2 day module will focus on:

  • Life Styles Inventory Assessment of Executive Leadership styles, their balance and situational application
  • Grow-Coaching model for high performance
  • Emotional intelligence (self-awareness) impact on financial performance
  • Development of traits of a good leader
  • Recent neuroscience findings on the brain
  • Neuroscience impact for corporate change
  • Development of coaching skills for high performance
  • Understanding and practice on building an engaged team

Module III rating (in a scale of 100%) in 2016:       92%



We have designed an experience-based programme for top and senior level managers. As a result Impactful Leadership and Corporate Finance programme relies on methods specifically chosen for this group including business cases, interactive lectures, group work, discussion with peers and faculty.

Programme Dates

Module I (M1): Positive Impact May 16-17
Module II (M2): Corporate Finance for Executives June 19-22
Module III (M3): Effective Leadership Now September 5-6

For tuition fee and application procedure, please, contact BMI at: Jurgita +370 5 248 7254, +370 680 96915, jurgita@bmi.lt

Programme Faculty:
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