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Executive Education

Executive Coaching

Experience personalized leadership coaching to enhance your leadership skills, making them more impactful and effective, and aligned with the operational and strategic challenges of your business.

Why is Executive Coaching in high demand?

Leaders face more challenges than ever, from global conflicts to uncertainty, inflation, security threats, and changes in work patterns. The old ways of doing things no longer work well.

With our Executive Coaching, leaders get the support they need. They have a safe place to get feedback, share ideas, figure out priorities, learn new skills, and move ahead confidently.

Expected outcomes of Executive Coaching

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Career development
  • Boosted confidence
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Improved team engagement
  • Raised productivity
  • Enhanced stress management
  • Successfully expanded the business

How it is done: the process

Selecting a Coach

It’s crucial to pair the right coaches with leaders. We assist by suggesting a few coaches for each leader to review based on their backgrounds. Then, we suggest that leaders meet with potential coaches before making their choices. Many of our coaches speak multiple languages.

One on One Coaching

Our coaches foster a supportive, confidential relationship aligned with both organizational and individual goals. Sessions typically run for 45 to 60 minutes, with tasks between sessions to develop new habits and skills. Leaders often learn from coaching and improve their own coaching abilities.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching helps groups develop leadership skills together for a specific organizational goal or change. Goals often include better alignment, more accountability, integrating new leaders, or implementing changes. Team coaching can also foster a stronger coaching culture.

Different approaches to meet specific needs

Avvartes Method: Individual and Team Coaching

Avvartes is a global company that helps leaders, teams, and organizations to learn, grow, and succeed. They use research-based methods to emphasize solutions, possibilities, and opportunities rather than focusing solely on problems and shortcomings.

Their coaching model provides both structure and flexibility. Each coaching relationship is tailored to meet individual needs, schedules, personalities, and learning styles, ensuring a personalized approach to growth and development.

Steven Poelmans: Organizational Coaching

Prof. Steven Poelmans is a Professor of Leadership and Organizational Neuroscience. He integrates insights from various disciplines, including organizational psychology, management, neuroscience, and cross-cultural research, to offer a unique blend that is scientifically well-founded yet highly practical. One of his key focus areas is organizational coaching, emphasizing internal systemic changes within companies.

NeuroTrainingLab™ is a methodology for the development of leadership competencies, which through qualitative and quantitative analysis allows consistent feedback to leaders seeking to improve their emotional intelligence, performance and health.

Amy Carroll: Communication-Focused Coaching

Amy is a Swiss/American certified coach, trainer, speaker and author who specializes in leadership, communication and effectiveness for multinational clients with global objectives. Amy offers individual and group coaching, both face-to-face and virtually.

Main areas:
Leadership: demonstrate powerful presence, cultivate trust and loyalty.
Influence: inspire collaboration and innovation.
Presentation: increase gravitas, become a dynamic, confident and convincing speaker.
Creativity: encourage innovation and risk taking.

Team of Executive Coaches

Meet some of our global team members – please note that the list is not exhaustive. We’re here to assist you in selecting the one who best meets your needs.

Aad JCM van Vliet


Amy Carroll


Steven Poelmans


Evy Severino


Cecilia Rodriguez


Per Svahn


Loredana Shani


Matt Kersey


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