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MODULE | Vilnius | April 12-13, 2024

Cultural Intelligence

With Dr. Steven Poelmans from Antwerp Management School (AMS), Belgium


The purpose of the Leader Cultural Intelligence (LCQ) elective is to offer the necessary inputs to better confront the challenges that come with navigating multiple cross-cultural encounters at work, with colleagues, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, and deal with leading multicultural and/or virtual teams.

This module provides participants with the theories, tools, and techniques based on research in the scientific fields of cultural anthropology, cross-cultural psychology and cultural neuroscience.

Module is designed to address several fundamental aspects of leading people in a global context. These include understanding how cultural values influence expectations, and therefore motivation and behavior in the workplace, developing awareness of one’s own cultural identity and values, and switching between multiple paradoxical leadership behaviors in function of different cultural settings, in order to drive high performance through purpose, objectives, feedback and coaching.  

The elective consists of preparation work including a pre-program assessment of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Cultural Values, and two days of face-to-face learning modules, using interactive lectures, workshops, exercises, role-plays and feedback in order to tailor to different learning styles. The session is led by two facilitators to optimally use the different learning methodologies to develop the participants.

During this module you will:

  • Acquire the basic knowledge of the factors of (in)visible diversity in the workplace and the cultural value dimensions underlying organizational behavior and leadership in international organizations.
  • Sophisticate one’s cognitive, emotional, and socio-cultural complexity.
  • Understand the correspondence between different cultural paradoxes and paradoxical leadership behaviors.
  • Gain fundamental awareness about one´s own personal cultural values and cultural intelligence in relationship with leadership.
  • Develop self-knowledge as a basis for self-regulation and adaptive ability, also general self-awareness.
  • Learn how to create effective interpersonal relationships in a cross-cultural context.
  • Understand how to develop trust in different cultural contexts.

Price of the module – 2200 EUR
Limited seats available


Steven Poelmans

Antwerp Management School (AMS), Belgium
  • Professor of Leadership and Organizational Neuroscience at Antwerp Management School (AMS).
  • Founder and developer of the NeuroTrainingLab™, a neuroscience-based leadership development methodology using competencies assessment and neurophysiologic indicators, with labs in Spain, Peru, Brazil, Belgium and Argentina.
  • A pioneer in research, with a drive for entrepreneurship, a multi-cultural mindset and a passion for teaching and developing people.
  • His research, teaching and consulting mainly focuses on neuroleadership, employee wellbeing and flexible work arrangements, emotional and cultural intelligence, mostly with a cross-cultural perspective.
  • He has more than twenty years of teaching experience at seven different business schools in three continents, teaching organizational behavior, managerial communication, cross-cultural management, (neuro)/leadership, and coaching, in Belgium, Spain, Tunis, Chile, Perú, Ecuador, Mexico, Iceland, Lithuania, and New Zealand.
  • He has coached over 250 executives of more than 30 different nationalities. He has trained executives in multinationals such as Alcatel Telecom, Avianca, Baloise, BASF, Carglass, Cemex, Cigna, Danone, Deutsche Bank, European Investment Bank, Google, Henkel, Mango, Nestlé, Nike, Panamercan Health Organization (WHO), Pfizer, PwC, and others.

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