BMI PRESENTS | The Future of Europe and Business in Turbulent Times

When? 19 October 2023
What time? 18:00 CET
Where? Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI) Av. Louise 500, 1050 Brussels

We are living in a perma-crisis. Yes, the next crisis is around the corner. What does it mean to Europe, European businesses, and European policy? How can enterprises and entrepreneurs make the switch from short-term profitability towards long term resilience?

BMI Executive Institute invites you to a free evening session during which these questions will be covered in an interactive way.

During this event our affiliate professor Rudy Aernoud will give an overview of the current context, present how the businesses can learn to live in the times of uncertainty and discuss how the future of Europe could look like in upcoming years.

This evening session is a great chance not only to deepen your knowledge of the topic but also to taste our International Executive MBA programme. Prof. Rudy Aernoud is one of the top-level lecturers from our international faculty who is teaching the module “Economic, Monetary and Geopolitical Environment” for our participants. He will be using an Executive MBA teaching approach in this session.

So register, join the event and see for yourself how your EMBA journey could look like!

About Prof. Rudy Aernoudt

Prof. Rudy Aernoudt is an experienced Professor Corporate Finance and European policy and has outstanding International and European experience (MIT, OECD, European commission, European Council and European Social and Economic Committee). He teaches at Ghent University in Belgium, with a focus on the global economic environment. 

Prof. Rudy Aernoudt is a former chief economist and corporate finance veteran with an impressive background, including experience at MIT, the European Commission, the European Council, and the European Social and Economic Committee. He is a co-founder of the European Business Angels Network and the Foundation for Research on Education and Entrepreneurship. 

Prof. Aernoudt has shared his expert knowledge in numerous magazine articles and has published more than 30 books and over 300 papers on corporate finance, politics, and economics. In teaching internationally, he stresses the use of up-to-date facts, figures and news with regard to corporate finance and management. 

Registration is open until 18 October.

For more information about the event, please contact Megan O’Shea

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