Cultural intelligence – a vital skill in the diverse global workspace

When? 9 November 2023
What time? 18:00 Vilnius time
Where? Konstitucijos ave. 7, BMI Executive Institute, 31st floor

There are multiple, interdependent trends that slowly but surely, are making the workplace more diverse. Even employees that were not affected by globalization or migration, since the pandemic have been propelled into the virtual workplace, where thanks to video conferencing we can interact and collaborate with colleagues of different cultural backgrounds, anytime, anywhere. 

Whereas emotional and social intelligence have received a lot of attention in the past decade, cultural intelligence is a relative new concept. During this live event, Prof. Dr. Steven Poelmans will focus on “leader cultural intelligence” (LCQ), and explain why developing LCQ in managers will become increasingly important yet at the same time, more challenging, and what companies can do to develop LCQ in their managers. 

This session holds advice for anyone dealing with diversity in the workplace, is strongly recommended for managers who work internationally, and a must for HR and talent managers of companies who operate across Europe or the globe. 

About the speaker

Prof. Poelmans integrates insights from different disciplines, organizational psychology, management, neuroscience, and cross-cultural research to bring a unique blend that is scientifically well founded, and at the same time very practical. He is currently Professor of Leadership and Organizational Neuroscience at Antwerp Management School. He is founder of the NeuroTrainingLab, a leadership development methodology, that combines the observation of competencies and the associated neural activity, with labs in Europe and LATAM. He is a Flemish Belgian who lived in Spain for more than 20 years, speaks five languages, three on a daily basis, and works as a visiting professor in seven different business schools in three continents. 

The event is free of charge!

Registration is open until 8 November.

For more information about the event, please contact Diana Gedeikytė-Jakutienė via or +370 600 368 38

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